Monday, May 6, 2013

Succulents Simplified by Debra Lee Baldwin

Title: Succulents Simplified Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties

Author: Debra Lee Baldwin

Publisher: Timber Press

Pages: 272

ISBN: 978-1604693935

Succulent plants are easy to grow and design with once you know the basics.  And Debra Lee Baldwin, the bestselling author of Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens, is the ideal guide for gardeners, crafters, and DIYers looking for an introduction to these trendy, low-maintenance plants.

Succulents Simplified is a complete primer on choosing, growing and designing with succulents. Along with gorgeous photos packed with design ideas, Debra offers her top 100 plant picks and explains how to grow and care for succulents no matter where you live. Step-by-step projects, including a cake-stand centerpiece, special-occasion bouquets, a vertical garden, and a succulent topiary sphere, will inspire you to express your individual style.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran, have an acre to fill or a few pots, live in Calexico or Canada, Succulents Simplified is a dazzling primer for success with succulents wherever you live!


What an amazingly informative book on succulents. The knowledge this book offers is fantastic! It is amazing the different things that she shows you can do with them. I am an avid gardener and love my cacti and succulents, but I never thought of some of the things she did with them! I am excited to try some of the different projects out and see how they come out.

Her photographs in the book are amazing too! She really captures the beauty of these plants. I loved her description of beautifully stressed succulents. A lot of people unfamiliar with succulents wouldn't understand why theirs look different than photographs but that one section helps sum it up! This book will be helpful to a novice gardener as well as an experienced one!

The first thing I am trying out is the succulent topiary!

About The Author:

Debra Lee Baldwin is a photojournalist whose passion is succulents---plants that store water in fleshy leaves and stems in order to survive drought. Besides being intriguing to look at and to collect, succulents are low-maintenance, low-water and fire-retardant.

Debra's book, "Designing with Succulents" (Timber Press) spent 19 weeks on Amazon's Top Ten Bestselling Gardening Books and was Amazon's Editors' Choice Best of 2007 Gardening Book. A French translation came out in 2009. The sequel, "Succulent Container Gardens" is a January, 2010 release.

Debra's goal is to help her readers better understand how to create and nurture waterwise, easy-care gardens. More about her as well as using succulents to create beautiful gardens and containers is at

About the author, description, and book photo taken from here.

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